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What Teachers are Saying about Making Math Visible

I was lucky to have George Hart and Elisabeth come to my school and do a workshop with my class.  Since then a number of students have been staying up at lunch every day to build more constructions.  They loved it!

The last activity with SOMA cubes gave me a lot of ideas to start my class next year and also how to build a better culture in my classroom.

Every workshop gave me new ideas to try with my students.  I love the way ideas were modeled and presented so I knew the best way to implement them in my classroom.

I got some great ideas to replicate these workshops with my Math Club students.

Even though I came in feeling like I had a large knowledge base in solid geometry, the depth of the workshops allowed us to explore familiar mathematical objects and discover new patterns, symmetries, and relationships in and among them.  Incredibly interesting!

I was lucky to have George and Elisabeth visit my school and work with my students. Since that day, my students have been asking to do more paper constructions, and they have. Their mathematical works of art are now displayed all over the school, in different offices, classrooms and hallways. We are making math visible!

... a great learning experience personally.

...gave me some great ideas to have my students work on in class projects.

This was certainly a 'workshop' and not a 'lecture'.  We constructed our own knowledge as opposed to him telling us the mathematics.  It was a great reminder of how fun it is to discover mathematical properties!

George and Elisabeth gave detailed instructions, paced the workshops very well (I was consistently impressed with their timing in each of the two hour blocks), and managed the class well, given the scale of the class and the magnitude of the projects.

Most of the work was done in groups and there was no direct teaching--very student centered.

I would love to do this again with some of his different constructions! It was a lot of fun and I learned a lot since I don't have a lot of background with geometry.

It was terrific!  I'd love to do something like this again.

The children had such a wonderful time with you, and have been bragging to the entire school about their work. Thank you for your passion and enthusiasm, it was contagious!

Merci pour la classe de mathématiques la semaine passée. Les enfants sont très content. Moi aussi. Félicitations pour le magnifique travail.

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