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George Hart and Elisabeth Heathfield

Part of our mission is to create innovative math educational materials that are available at no charge for anyone around the world to reproduce.  Our Making Math Visible workshops provide free lesson plans and templates that can be used by educators.  However, we often receive requests for personalized visits, where we lead hands-on workshops with teachers and/or students.  Our visits often result in large mathematical centerpieces that remain on site and serve to spark mathematical conversations.  Other activities lead students to construct smaller take-home mementos that can be shared with family and friends to spread the beauty of mathematics.  This page lists a range of personalized services we are able to provide.

Professional Development for Educators

We enjoy working with teachers to inspire, foster, and renew their passion for math education.  Our goal is to provide tools and techniques to create authentic math experiences in classrooms.  We can help teachers make math visible in a way that engages students while connecting to the curriculum in a meaningful manner.   Our experience includes working with school boards, university education faculties, public, private, and charter schools, as well as non-profit education organizations and the general public.  We have worked extensively to bring hands-on math workshops to educators at all levels (K-12 and post-secondary) in countries around the world.

If you are interested in inviting us to work with your teacher team, look through this list of our teacher workshops.  Plus any of the Making Math Visible student workshops can be presented to an audience of teachers.

School Visits

When we visit a school, we like to work with class-size groups to engage students in hands-on constructions.  In one day, we can lead up to three activities, which can be a combination of teacher PD activities, a lecture, and student interactions.  The details of each visit are worked out ahead of time to accommodate the needs of the school.


We often give public lectures about our work to make mathematics more accessible.  A highly visual presentation engages the audience and brings out the connections between mathematics and the arts.  We can gear the lecture appropriately according to level and interest. 


We are available for consulting in the field of math education.  Our expertise lies in curating content and helping schools create non-threatening learning environments that foster positive relationships with mathematics and change the school culture around the subject.  We believe in the use of hands-on and visual materials to cultivate mathematical thinking and facilitate the normalization of mathematical ideas.  Our experience includes coaching teachers, facilitating math events, e.g., math nights, helping teachers start and run a recreational math club, and designing mathematical spaces in schools and beyond.  We would be happy to discuss with you your particular needs.

Mathematical Sculpture

A custom mathematical sculpture can be commissioned from George, to be assembled in a barn-raising event during our visit.


For teacher workshops and school visits we standardly charge $1500 (US) per day for the two of us to visit on site.  Material charges depend on what activities are chosen.  In addition, we need to charge for travel expenses and sometimes travel time, depending on distance.  Consulting and lecture fees depend on the circumstances and time involved.  Prices for sculpture start at $2000 and vary depending on size, materials, and complexity.